Mary Ledford


“Leadership Starts Here. This IS the best leadership course in America.”

Mary Ledford started work for Auburn University in 1995.   She began employment at the Space Power Institute where she assisted with Government Special Projects and Research.  Ms. Ledford assisted with locating government equipment across campus and locating parts and equipment on the internet for the special project requirements.  Classified research was performed in this department and Ms. Ledford maintained the standards and necessary confidentially for these projects.

Ms. Ledford transferred to the Payroll and Employee Benefits department in July of 1997.  She started out as the Executive Secretary to the Payroll Director where she maintained confidential documents and processed numerous reports for the department.  She promoted to a Financial Assistant II, working in the Biweekly Payroll section.

Mary Ledford transferred to the Army ROTC department in 2001.  She began work as an Admin Support Associate in Academics.  She maintains several capacities in the department: participates in Alumni & Development events; maintains the department’s website which assists new students, current students and the general public with information about the program; coordinates and assists with logistic planning for social events, visitors, awards and military ceremonies; assists with academic advising for cadets/students schedule to ensure they graduate and commission on schedule; and is a key component in assisting with mass mailings to help with the recruiting operations.


Last modified: May 9, 2017